Visit Phytophthora trial field July 30th, 2019

The meeting first convenes indoors. Peter first commemorates the passing away last month of Joute Miedema, hobby breeder within the Bioimpuls project right from the start. Then the lobby efforts are detailed with which extension with another ten years for Green Breeding and Bioimpuls should be financed. De prospects are good, although much will depend on the provisions under which an extension can be realised. Further, he outlines the set-up for Bioimpuls-3, both in topics and possibilities for new partners to enter the project.

Out in the field, Christel explains the set-up and outline of the trial field, en heads the way along the reference varieties included in the trial. After that, the partners spread out to check on their own selections. Finally, Ronald shows the backcross populations for resistance scoring both in foliage and tubers, and subsequent molecular mapping.

After we did not succeed in getting late blight moving through the field in 2018, this year the unfection with the strain IPO-complex did succeed. Last week we had excellent conditions for a clear cut resistant/susceptible evaluation, the warm and dry weather of the last few days seem to dry out the infection and hence hamper further evaluations. However all in all we experience once again a good year for resistance evealuations for late blight in potato